Rick Scott Vetoes Alimony Reform Bill

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Rick Scott Vetoes Alimony Reform Bill

Post by Skitz » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:04 pm

The Florida governor has once again vetoed alimony reform there. This is far less than Florida Alimony Reform deserved as they have worked very hard for a long time and compromised with all concerned parties. I am sure they will be back as strong as ever and I am sure they will eventually be successful.
Rick Scott Vetoes Alimony Reform Bill
April 15, 2016 - 8:00pm

Gov. Rick Scott vetoed the family law reform bill on Friday, legislation to reform alimony in the Sunshine State. Scott said he feared SB 668 would improperly place the needs of a parent before the needs of a child.

“As a husband, father, and grandfather, I understand the importance of family and sensitivity and passion that comes with the subject of family law,” wrote Scott in a letter to Secretary of State Ken Detzner when discussing the veto of SB 668. “Family law issues are very personal, and nearly every family comes to the court with different circumstances and needs. As such, we must be judicious and carefully consider the long term and real life repercussions on Florida families.”

Scott acknowledged the responses to the legislation were passionate because divorce affects families in many different ways, but said the child should come before all others.

As Florida law currently stands, a judge considers the needs and interests of a child when determining a time-sharing schedule and parenting plan.

But Scott expressed fears the proposal would “up-end” the policy in favor of putting the wants of a parent before the child’s best interest by creating a premise of equal time-sharing.

The bill, which had originally been presented in 2013, was revised this year to allign it with the governor's concerns. It was controversial during this year’s legislative session, but it eventually passed through both chambers. One of the main provisions of the bill would have established a legal provision requiring a child to spend equal time with each parent...........
http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/ ... eform-bill
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